Cold Mailman, Sending Out Cool Indie Sound Since 2008

Inheriting the endearing earnestness and alluring guitar sounds from the indie guitar-pop canon, Cold Mailman’s soundscape is fragile, subtly beautiful and delicately layered, made for introverted indie kids reading and self-pitying in the bedroom while everyone else is dancing and drinking on the dance floor.

We fell in love with Cold Mailman in 2011 at the very moment we saw the music video for their single Time is of the essence. It’s not often that a music video marries the music perfectly, but the director André Chocron just nailed it, seamlessly merging the coldly heartwarming music and the cold imagery of the satellite towns in Oslo.

The 2011’s music video for Time is of the essence was a huge success, which racked up thousands of views and kicked off André Chocron’s career as a music video director. In the following year Chocron created another excellent MV for Mikhael Paskalev and later in 2014 he created a high-budget, robot-themed video for Paul McCartney. Among all the music videos Chocron has created, the videos for Cold Mailman still stand out and hold a special place in our heart. Let’s take this chance to revisit all Cold Mailman’s MVs by Chocron here.

My Recurring Dream, taken from Heavy Hearts (2013) / Director: André Chocron

Something You Do, taken from Heavy Hearts (2015) / Director: André Chocron

Enough reminiscing! Let’s look forward — we have learned that Cold Mailman has started to work on some new material! We hope to hear them soon!

About Cold Mailman

Originally hailing from Bodø, the north of Norway, Ivar Bowitz formed Cold Mailman with his brother Martin Bowitz, Catharina Sletner, Martin Smådal Larsen, Stian Hansen and Torbjørn Hafnor when he moved to Oslo in the late noughties. A cold, subdued, melancholic indie band, Cold Mailman has released four albums to date, evolving from guitar indie music to music with fuller, richer arrangements. Probably best known for their brilliant music videos, particularly Time is of the Essence directed by André Chocron, where you can see the ”light shows” of council houses on the outskirts of Oslo, Cold Mailman have managed to connote strong Oslo quality in both their music and visuals. This is the reason we feature a story of Cold Mailman in the music issue of Oh Oslo and invited Ivar Bowitz and Catharina Sletner as Cold Mailman Duo to play at our launch.

12 April 2018 – Oh Oslo Release Party at Kafé Hærverk

*Photo credit: Leung kalun

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